Devon, 14 year old, Dad left him Real into online gaming, rainbow six siege, fallout, roblox, that kind of shit His mom lives in a town nearby he lives with his cousins, aunt and uncle his guardians he calls aunt sarah and uncle rob he has a 'little brother' named jack/jackson and he has problems with running and going up stairs sometimes he knows alot about history especially WW1/WW2 and vietnam and keeps a bandana on that hell sometimes pull up to look 'menacing' but he looks more stupid he also has tourettes so hell scream out FUCK or SHIT, or CUNT or a cuss word he has a rottweiler named max but he also has three muts, one large, two little and a golden retriever as well as two cats named Daisy and midnight daisy having ugly splotches of mixed color on her and midnight pure black almost The little 'brother' is 3 years old he also has two cousins also younger than him who he lives with Tarynn, the older sister of kyle who is the other cousin. He is also